The Most Common Sewing Machine Problems Experienced by Users!

By | June 7, 2018

These days, a majority of people possess a sewing machine at their home. They tend to utilize it for sewing fresh dresses, fixing torn and worn out garments, and to modify any of their dresses according to their body dimensions. Whilst using any sewing machine, there are probabilities that the needle might collapse, or the battery might get exhausted, etc.

This particular post centers on the most recognized problems related to using any sewing machine. After going through this article, you are going to be polished enough to recognize those glitches the subsequent time you work up any sewing machine. Moreover, you might take the suitable measures to get over and evade them as much as probable.

Thread Clusters

The finest method to recognize this difficulty is to check if there are some lumps of additional thread clustered up at the bottom portion of the cloth. Now, this problem might as well damage your fabric, so appropriate measures require to be taken to do away with this issue.

At the outset, you require removing the sewing out of the sewing machine and cut the additional thread through a pair of scissors. At this juncture, if it isn’t performed appropriately, there are likelihoods that the stitching machine might get damaged perpetually. As soon as you have detached the fabric, everything you require doing is to remove the threads cautiously. After that; you are all set to perform stitching with your machine all over again!

Needle Bent or Broken

One of the majorly prevalent problems faced whilst working on a sewing machine is the breaking of needle or bending. At times, in case appropriate attention isn’t provided, there are risks of an accident to take place. Owing to this reason, this issue has turned out to be one among the most severe problems whilst working on a stitching machine.

To confront this condition, you must primarily halt the sewing process. Then cautiously detach the broken needle and put it in the bin. Then, attach a fresh needle with appropriate care and protection into the stitching machine. As soon as you have performed this action, you are ready to restart your stitching!

Repeated Thread Breaking

To avoid this sort of problem, you should check the kind and superiority of thread you are utilizing in for sewing. This is since there might be a few threads which are intended particularly for the purpose of hand sewing, and might not be utilized along with a sewing machine.

Further, whilst you are re-threading the sewing machine, you should make sure that the pressure foot is detached whilst threading. In this manner, you may evade this issue yourself, that too in an artless manner!

Uneven Bobbin Tension

In case you sense that you need to regulate the tightness of the bobbin thread from time to time, you should investigate for the bobbin itself. This might take place because, if the bobbin is made up of plastic, the tension in the thread is pretty less inside the bobbin case itself. Therefore, utilizing a top quality bobbin is going to assist you in evading this problem.

Unthreading of Needle

Everybody can recognize the labors you took for passing the thread through the needle’s eye, and whilst the needle gets into sewing, it is discovered to be unthreaded. This might give rise to the wastage of your efforts as well as time. Consequently, to circumvent this condition, everything you require doing is to replicate the identical process, but you must keep the position of the needle position on top. For doing this, you require rotating the hand wheel to your direction. The needle isn’t going to unthread after doing this!

Final Inference

Since we have now understood the joint problems people come across whilst operating on a sewing machine, you should now keep all the above-mentioned points in your mind on subsequent occasions you utilize your sewing machine.

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